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En Nielsen
demands a bit
of style, social
courage and self-

Trond Nielsen  


As a newly graduated civil engineer in 1965, my aim was to become a successful businessman. The key to success, in my opinion, is being well organized. The businessman's briefcase was not my style. But
with my pockets filled with odds and ends, and always hunting forgotten items, I had to do something. I sketched out my ideas, with compartments for my essentials, and contacted the skilled artisan, Pål Birkedal, who designed and made the first prototype. Over forty years we have developed what today is known as En Nielsen. We have produced it in England; today it is made in India by skilful, specially trained craftsmen.

Quality leather
As the leather is of the highest quality, it will conform to your body and adapt to the items you carry in the different compartments. Just give it a bit of time, and En Nielsen will find its perfect shape.


Room for everything
What started as a pocket originally designed for sunglasses, I now use for my mobile phone. The main compartment on the left I use for banknotes, tucked in loose. I also carry my passport there. In the right hand compartment I carry the credit card wallet and my driver`s license, and also loose receipts. There are two small key pockets, I use one for my house key, the other for the cottage key. With a bit of imagination, En Nielsen will more than satisfy your personal needs.

A friend for life
En Nielsen started as a solution to a practical need, but has become my friend for life, my constant companion. My routine is: Whenever outside of my home, I always wear En Nielsen. It is well concealed under a jacket; on a hot day, or when casually dressed, I wear a short-sleeved cardigan over it. Safety is also paramount to me. Over 40 years, pickpockets have never taken anything from me. They have tried, but never succeded.

The enthusiast
In my experience some people will never get used to wearing En Nielsen, while others get totally dependent on it. Wearing it demands a bit of style, social courage and self-assuredness.

Finally, don't forget it makes you an organized man!

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