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Eirst of all, En Nielsen, the trademark, is Norwegian, and simply means A Nielsen. En Nielsen is constructed for the practical and conscious man who needs to always have his essentials at hand. En Nielsen replaces wallet, handbag, trouser- and jacket pockets. En Nielsen is comfortable to wear – and keeps your essentials safe.

En Nielsen is the result of forty years of develop-ment and improvements. Our latest model is crafted by skilled artisans, from prime quality vegetable-tanned, black aniline-dyed leather, from Italy and England.

With En Nielsen, you have everything in one place. Always!

"The Nielsen Way"
Our philosophy is to deliver products with superb practical value to the quality-conscious customer. Meet our enthusiasts. Share in their experiences. And read the inventor's own story.

Warning: You may become addicted!

- organize your living!
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